Issues with file associations

I have installed Nero (7?).
Have XP Home SP2.

For some reasons all files on my PC that that are of a Notepad file open in NotePad/TXT but their icons are not of the TXT or Notepad type.
The icon is of a gold video picture.

If I right click a file in question, it says Opens with NotePad. But the File Type associated with it says “Video CD Movie”

I have written to Nero, but after 2 weeks they say its windows fault - yet all was fine BEFORE I installed Nero.

I have gone to the Folder Options within the Control Panel - but I have found no
“Video CD Movie” reference. I did find one file type that had the same picture/icon and which appeared to NOT be a movie extension and made that as opens with Note pad- but no dice.

One helpful person mentioned deleting IconCache (from C/documents & settings/owner/Application data) but that did not work either.

I have “RegCleaner” I did a search for “Video CD Movie” and found two references.
hkey_Classes_Root > neroshowtime.files7.dat (default)
hkey_Classes_Root > neroshowtime.files7.dat (friendly type1\ame.
By deleting these 2 will that fix my problem?

I am at my wits end.


Issue resolved - but still have questions.

Deselecting all associations did the trick.
But have 2 questions -
Some time back I tried doing this with the already installed program, via-
Start/Programs/Nero/Nero Product Set Up/ Modify… then deselecting all.
so, how come I had to totally uninstall and start from scratch and then deselect the associations
during the set up? Why did the Modify not work a few weeks back?

Also -
I like the concept of the InCD - as some times dropping & dragging within Windows does not work.
During the install, I installed InCD, but then afterwards in its options menu I chose to have hidden the icon from the System Tray.
So, A) I do now access InCD? I do not see it listed in Start/Programs/Nero…
B) I also have a Starter program (Mike Lin’s Starter) where I can ‘stop’ programs from starting up
at Start up.
As of this Moment, InCD is still set to load - meaning I have not unchecked it.
C) If I end up removing InCD by accident & attempt to reinstall via - Start/Programs/Nero/Nero
Product Set Up/ Modify… Do I select to install this at that time and not the other Nero programs (as they are already on my PC) or still go ahead and choose all of the Nero programs to install ?