Issues with drive motor, planned obsolescence?

I have lost two Liteon 20a1p drives to the same problem.

It seems related to the electrical motor that drives the cd/dvd.

If i shake the drive i hear something, like there’s loose sand inside the drive.

So i open it and traced the sound to the drive motor and after opening it with the help of a screwdriver it seems there is something loose in the upper compartment of the motor (black part).

Some pics attached.

It seems like planned obsolescence to me :a

I have a samsung cd-rw and a btc cd-rom with the same issue.

This is what the drive uses to balance the discs at high speed…many drives [not just your drives] use this. :wink:

Without this, discs would be pretty unbalanced, and you wouldn’t get a decent write quality.

So it is NORMAL. :iagree:

The thing is, all my drives that get this noise are also not working properly.

The other drives that are working properly don’t make the noise when shaken.