Issues with Decrypter,Shrink and DVD-RAM




I just got a new LG-4163b, downloaded DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink as they were well recommended here. What I’m trying to do is transfer the movies I record on to DVD-Ram (Panasonic DMR-ES10) onto DVD-R disc. With the Ram disc I get tall the extras like Chapter creating I’d like to keep. Anyhow I’ve ran into all sort of issues trying to use Shrink and Decrypter.

(1) I was able to “rip” the movie from the Ram disc and got two files ISO and MDS. I used Decrypter to “Burn” it back to DVD-R setting the the speed at x4. It said “successful”. I forgot about 'closing" the disc and it didn’t paly in the players (Panasonic and Pioneer). In fact the player said ‘Unsupported’. I tried to close it again in Decrypter and got the “I/O Error”. I can’t close the disc and it won’t play in my other players

 If I go to "File Mode" or "IFO" I get "UDF File System Parsing Failed"

(2) It’s about the same using Shrink. When I try to “Open” it hangs then I get a window with “DVD_RTAV” with three folders… VR_Mangr.Bup, VR_Mangr.IFO, and VR_Movie.VRO which has almost all the data.

When I try to open them it’s “Window’s cannot open this file”

If I hit “Open Disc” I get…“DVD Shrink encountered an error”. H:\Video_TS.IFO…Sytem cannot find file

If I go to “File Image” I get "DVD_Video_Recorder.ISO…File not found.

If I go to where I ripped the movie to using Decrypter and try to open the “ISO” file I get …“Invalid UDF File System”

(3) Now I can put a DVD-R pre-recorded in and Shrink opens it up with-out a problem. It does show as …“Video.TS”. All the discs do play in Power DVD as well.

(4) I go into Nero Express, hit “Disc Info” and it shows…DVD-Ram, UDF Mode 1, 4,478,408 kb. I haven’t tried Nero yet since all the issues with Decrypter and Shrink.

By the way the discs are Panasonic DVD-Ram and Maxwell DVD-R (Ritek G05)
The LG-4163 is set “Master” on it’s on cable and set to DMA. I’m using XP with all updates and have a seperate partition (40gig) for movies and large files.

So I’m I right to assume there’s a problem reading the Ram disc, UDF File system and the “VRO” file extension? I was really hoping to use these “RAM” discs and just burn over to the DVD-R’s. There just has to be a way. Thanks for your time and sorry about the long post but just trying to get the facts in.

Kenny J.


a dvd-ram disc is authored much differently from a “real” dvd video disc (which is what has made dvd-ram virtually obsolete). googling for “dvd-ram to dvd” should turn up some useful results.


I copy the “VRO” file to HD, then re-name it “.MPG” and then use it in any authoring program to create a DVD-video. You will lose all the chapters and stuff, and you need to re-create them while re-authoring. So basically, all you will get from the Panasonic on a RAM disc is a MPEG2 file.

Only the Panasonic, AFAIK, will actually play the movie from RAM disc.


I don’t know why you had problems with DVD Decrypter. I have done successfull RAM to DVD-R. Another way is to copy RAM to DVD-R is to use DVD copy mode in Nero. If you decide to edit the RAM files or add a menu then use TMPGEnc DVD Author. TDA can read the RAM disc directly, create a DVD Video on the hard disk then burns the DVD-R.


I’ve posted the question about TMPGEnc and AVS Video Converter. From what I’ve read both are able to do the VRO. file to VOB. From a quality stand point TMPGEnc may have the edge. I’ve posted that question in the “Video Edit” section. I’d like to here more on either of these. Both have new updates and versions out.

From another forum it has something to do with the VRO format Panasonic’s uses. Someone said they had no problem with RAM to DVD-R but they had a Samsung which uses another format. It may concern Panasonic’s and Hitachi products. Ive seen posts with those who have movie DVD camera’s that have the same problem.

DVD Decryter did rip the file. I did burn it back using DVDD to but that’s as far as it went.

Kenny J.


Tmpgenc DVDauthor takes the files in the folder with “DVD_RTAV” , I cant remember if you choose the .ifo file or .vro or what but it definitely works. Then you can shrink the outputted dvd folder.



The program will read the DVD so you just need to select the DVD_RTAV. The only time to select the VRO is when the file is copied to the hard disk first.


Don’t know if anyone is following up this subjet. I just bought a Panasonic ES-20 (just like ES-10 with DV input) and I am having one heck a problem. I tried the software mentioned by the panel experts like TMPGEnc; none worked with the files created by the Panasonic DVD recorder.

The strange thing was that in one occasion, TMPGEnc actually was able to read the DVD-RAM disc and got the two titles and chapters. I looked at the difference between the one worked and others, and found that the real difference is with the IFO file, and had nothing to do with the VRO file. The IFO file that worked has data (trailer) at the end of the file; you can make out “Panasonic” and “IN1”… The IFO file that does not work for TMPGEnd has all x"00" (hex 00) at the end. I tried and could not recreate the “correct” IFO file ever again.

I have PowerDVD that I use to play DVD movies on PC. It has absolutely no problem with the DVD-RAM created right from the Panasonic DVD recoredr. My conclusion is that TMPGEnc software, and others like it, looks for specific data at the end of the IFO file. Yet, Panasonic DVD recorder does not create the trailer data in IFO file; maybe because it is no longer needed by the “modern” software.

Anyone has the same experience or knows the trick to get Panasonic DVD recorder to create IFO file with trailer data? To see the trailer data in the IFO file, use a binary editor (NOT the notepad or any word processor) to browse the file.


TMPGEnc-Author is the program to use. RAM discs use the DVD-VR format.

If you wish to use the video in some other program, just copy the .VRO file to your HD, re-name it to .MPG and you can open it in any program. However, if you have multiple recodsings on the one disc, you may only be able to access the last one by this method.

If you want to create DVD-Video discs in the Panny, use DVD-RW discs and finalize them.



I realise this might be a bit of a dead thread but …

Have you had any success with this. I have pretty much the same set up and found the free/trial version of TMPEGEnc to be a bit useless editing VRO files. I don’t really want to pay out for the full version if it’s going to be the same.

I have heard that panasonic can supply a package called DVD Movie Album (£24.03) which will do the job but it’s a bit of a gamble.

Anyone heard of or used this package for this purpose?