Issues with burning

Hi guys and gals i tryed to burn an avi file to dvd but after the encoding it cutt off just before the burning and went back to nero smart start ?, thinking this was bad media like everyone says i tryed burning it to the harddisk , only to have the same thing happen again ?, im affriad i dont have an error log as it never lets me have one i just cutts off and goes back to smart start.

im using nero 6 and up untill today i have never had any probs since i first started using it, about this time last year :slight_smile:

any help would be fantastic :slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

How are you off for free space? Nero Vision often requires about 10gb to do a video conversion.

thanks very much for the welcome :slight_smile:

and nope i have 104GB spare

So that should be OK then.

Doing 1 or 2 pass conversion?

Check the avi file with Gspot for the codecs required and with VirtualDub. Open the vid file in this , go to Video & scan for errors.

The other possibility is that the audio stream is corrupted. Can often happen & some encoders handle it better than others.

its only 1 pass but i think its what you said about the audio stream being corrupted, but ill download that Gspot proggie and give it ago ,ive also downloaded the ConvertXToDVD and ill give that ago aswell ,as ive read a few posts on here :slight_smile:

ConvertXToDVD can often succeed where Nero & others fail. Always worth having something in reserve for times like this.

thanks for the help ill let you know the outcome :slight_smile:

right i have gone through all the proggies and gspot one told me that there is and error at %84 ,is there a proggie that will identify and repair it ? i tryed the virtualdub but the version i downloaded dosent seem to work ?

I’d get Vdub from here and use the 1.6.17 version.

excellent i downloaded it :slight_smile: but please forgive me for being a compleate newbe but are there any special settings i need and do i just resave it and it recodes it ? i tryed just opening it and resaving it and in a matter of minutes it turned a 700mb file to a 5.5GB ? so i aborted lol . . see newbe. .

You need to go into the Video tab & Compression. There you select a codec eg Xvid and the compression factor - that’ll be Configure. I’d say that about 1.8 would be OK.

Confirm all that & save as …

have you tried all vidieo to vcd svcd dvd

No i havent whats that ?

There are 3 different video disc you can create.

In terms of increasing quality they are:-


Obviously the VCD & SVCD are burned to CD media with VCD giving watchable quality for maybe 1 hours video. SVCD improves the quality and maybe 45mins is the limit.
With DVD on a single layer disc about 2 hours at excellent quality is the limit.

Why it was mentioned by [B]dp6pa20[/B] I’ve no idea as it’s relevance escapes me. Thought I’d give alittle explanantion anyway.

ahh right , i knew what the different media burning was i thought it was a different proggie i hadent tryed lol . . . . . . . . .

ive got the vdub working and its has no errors but now the picture turns purple everynow and then ,ive tryed about 4 different codeces but it all seems to be the same ?

also on a seperate project im doing i have a main menu on my dvd but i dont want any sub menus where it shows the chapters can i turn them off but still keep the main menu ? (ive been sorting out some really old familiy vids, me 20 years ago lol)

In Vdub do an error scan & see what that turns up. It could be these errors are causing the colour problems.

You could try ConvertXToDVD as this often overcomes problems that other apps crash with.

On the separate project I don’t see why the main menu should show chapters. I’ve see that happen with TmpGenc DVD Author but not Nero. Not that I use Nero for this anyway.

awsome guys its all working a treat ,just want to say a thanks you to you TimC :slight_smile: ive learned alot in the past few days . . .