Issues with B/WH14NS40 firmware 1.01-A1?

Looking at the results thread:
it appears to almost all be done using older firmware. There are only a couple recent ones by jadburner with the latest 1.01-A1, but that’s with DVD.

I bought this drive and immediately flashed it to 1.01-A1 so I don’t have results of 1.00-xx that it came with. I am not getting good results with these two non-LTH Verbatims that I am with others BD-Rs on this drive. I think others have gotten good results with these Verbs in the above thread, but those were all on older firmware.

  • VERBAT-IMe-000 6x burned at 4x. I’ve tried a couple, and they were all like this, with high totals and averages. My Lite-On produces much better results.

  • Verbatim BD-R-DL 4x MEIT02-001 burned at 4x results in the type of scans below. I’ve wasted several of these discs already and each one of them more or less looks the same with very large spikes at or around the layer break. This burn is actually one of the better ones.

My iHBS112 cross-flashed from an Asus, does not have these spikes at the layer break, but results in worse average quality outside of the break on both layers, so thus far I have no good drive for dual-layer BD burning.

I just bought the 16x version LG burner and ordered a Pioneer 15x burner but I would like to know if others are experiencing the same with their B/WH14NS40 1.01-A1 or not (which may indicate my chipset/sata controller??)

Here’s a fresh VERBATIMe burn @ 4x using the 1.01-A1 firmware. OPC on. Ok, but not terribly impressive.

Thanks jadburner. I’m going to try other drives and see how they compare

At my office computer LG’s software does not the 12X there is flashed with 1.01-A1 and tells me update it. The firmware is daffy while here at home is all right.