Issues with Alcohol


I was wondering if there are any known problems with virtual drive programs such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools because I own a BenQ DW1620 and it seems to have completely broken down. This is the second time a 1620 has broken down for me, because I received this one on warranty after the other one broke down, and I think it may have something to do with Alcohol. Does anyone know of any such problems because it doesn’t even read discs properly anymore.


it doesn’t have something to do with the software you use, but the 1620 (esp. the OEM ones, not the retails) were known as good but very ‘instable’ drives. some time ago, there was a ‘mass-thread’ about dead 1620’s here @ cdfreaks…

so you think that it is safe to use alcohol but i just need to get a different dvd drive. Ok, can you recommend one that will work well. And are you sure that alcohol has no effects on the computer?

i’m sure that alcohol will NOT damage the hardware. :wink:
it’s just a burning software, it will not “get into your hardware” and damage it… :wink:
i cannot recommend you any good dvd-writer, as i don’t care about those - i’ve got my Pioneer a09xl (fw 1.58) and i am very pleased with the burning results. i don’t make a science out of dvd burning, i just burn everything @ 8x speed on 16x verbatim-media (which is fast enough IMHO) and quality is always good…

Alcohol cannot destroy your Hardware.

Ok Thank you for your replies.

Can Alcohol have any negative effects on the system that can lead to errors or other problems?