Issues with activation servers cause downgrades of Windows 10 Pro installations

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Microsoft today confirmed an ongoing issue with its activation servers causes some Windows 10 Pro installations to display that they are not activated or running Windows 10 Home instead. The issue affects users in Japan, Korea, the United States and many other countries, according to a Microsoft employee. It might take up two business days before the issue is resolved.

Can you say Class action lawsuit if MS can’t fix the problem and folks loose their digital activations this is not good.

This hit me briefly, but now its reporting Win 10 Pro activated. Not sure what happened in between.

latest new I just got is MS has pretty much fixed the problem now and if you still see the message needs activation simply reboot and you should be all set.

It hit my pc last night. All I did was reboot it.

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This happened with my workplace PC, which has Windows 10 Pro. I was about to reboot and the watermark message disappeared on its own.

While I know the Enterprise edition required periodic activation, I thought that once Windows 10 Home or Pro is activated that it remains activated until something like a major hardware change takes place.

This is yet another example of why DRM sucks. Especially DRM that relies on some specific web server, which may or may not glitch out, leaving the users with no (legal) means of using the program they paid good money for.