Issues with 8X scanning?

LH-20A1P w/KL0N FB-EOS. 8X scanning is showing poor results compared with other speeds. Anyone else have this same problem?

Flac and MP3s burned to TYG03 using Nero
Burn speed = 20X
SB, HT, OS, OHT = All on

Weird, usually when I scan and it goes funny @ 8x but not @ 4x, the scan also goes bad @ 16x. The PIE in the 16x scan are very high though.

The high jitter could probably be causing the errors. It’s over 11% average, which is far too high for a 2x scan.

Either way it’s a bad burn in my books and you should stick to 16x or slower for that batch of TYG03 IMO.

Thanks for the input CD Pirate. Here’s a scan of a test disc I did right before I burned my music backups. As you can see, I did it at 20X and it looks good right until the very end on the PIE.

I tend to scan @ 4x on my 20A1H because 8x seems to churn out weird results for me (funny you should post, this is something I’ve been thinking about). My 165P6S/1635S’s don’t show the same behaviour scanning-wise as this one does.

And I haven’t got a good burn yet with TYG03 at 20x :wink:

Your welcome :slight_smile: Once again though the errors are low on the 4x scan but jitter is high. No doubt in my mind that a 16x scan on that disc will show a massive increase in PIE. I’d definitely be slowing down the writing. Maybe 18x will work better? You should try a few more speeds, jitter is important IMO, if you trust PIE/PIF scans, you should trust jitter and want it to be lower than that :iagree:

Most die-hard Liteon fans agree (and I’ve seen the same trouble) that only 4x for a Liteon is reliable. 8x scanning was tried with these burners, and the scanning results just weren’t as uniform at 8x as at 4x. There’s just some inexplibacle variations at 8x that don’t happen at 4x. While I haven’t done as much testing as one person I know who’s a a Lite-on freak, we reached the same conclusion. I even get some ‘distortion’ on my BenQ1640 @ 8x compared to 4x scanning.

Also, while I see these newer Liteons have jitter measurement under CDSpeed, my 16sp6s was not supported, so we had to use DVDScan to measure jitter. Curiously enough, it was fairly well agreed that only 4x was reliable for jitter scanning (that was a separate function), as 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x were all tried, but only 4x provided consistency.

4x is better for my 20A1H than any other speed. Even 16x beats my 8x scans.

8x on my old SOHW-1693S were better than 8x on my A1H. (Come to think of it, the A1H is the worst 8x reader/scanner of all the drives I had/have).

I’ve been wondering about whether or not my drive was alone in the quirkiness, too. Now I know it’s not totally alone (although the reasons for this might vary).

Attached is an 8x scan of disc. (2nd & 3rd pictures are zoomed in.)

See my 16x scan (and 8x scan with SH-S182M) here . The last two graphs are for the same disc. (o/t: Just noticed that was post 666…)

My LiteOn 20A1P with stock firmware or with current Benq DW 2000 firmware shows similar behaviour as yours when scanning @ 8X , some discs just show a small block of PIF in the beginning and some show massive PIFs at the beginning too but get back to normal after 1GB mark

I tend to only do a 4X scan and if results are good I do a TRT for a few seconds and start 16X scan immediately because without spinning up the drive 16X scans would show big PIE/PIF spikes at the beginning too.
Then I do a 8X scan with my Benq 1640 for comparison

8x will also show the errors like 16x unless it is spun up properly first.

Wallace - You should try what minaelromany just said, start a TRT, stop it after it’s been going for about 20 seconds and then do an 8x scan, just to see what happens. If the drive does not spinup properly you will get loads of fake errors at the beginning.

Will try. * must keep the 20 seconds in mind* Odd thing is, I could swear the drive was fully spun up (especially compared to 16x), but will definitely try. :slight_smile:

EDIT: No matter what the spin-up time is, the drive is always spun up before scanning at 8x. At 16x, with the max 20 second spinup, the drive doesn’t really start to spin-up until 10 seconds in. & If I try to access the disc/do a TRT, the drive immediately spins down then spins back up, making even 16x (with lower spin up times) do the same thing. 8x still looks like the picture below.

It’s not on all discs, though. A YUDEN000 T02 burned on my lappy’s TS-L632M shows normal PIF in the beginning (although it’s far from the best burn in the world) and doesn’t peak above PIF=6 at 8x. At 16x it looks like the 2nd picture I attached. :confused:

(Sorry for making a new post; 30 minutes were up.)

…the one disc that it seems to like scanning more at 8x. (The first .7 GB or so, since that seemed to be the worst).

Same [B]YUDEN000 T02[/B] as above, but at 8x.

Cleared OPC and tried different media. SB = On; HT, OHT, OS = Off.

FYI - Tried starting a TRT and switch to a QT. Same result as Wallace0134…drive slows down, stops, and re-spins up.

Regulars here will know this is why I don’t use the current crop of Lite-Ons for burning/scanning. No matter how good some of them may be, putting out this kind of material closes the door for me.

You do realize that liteon don’t even officially support scanning? Probably because a large number of uneducated users think that the errors reported are actually accurate and then go on to dis the drive and or media because of a few home made scans. Saying that this material closes the door for you is taking all the scanning and whatnot a bit too far. What ever happened to just burning, doing a TRT and being happy that it worked on the dvd player?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Moral of the story is just use what works for you (be that 4x or 8x scanning) and don’t try read to far into it. You’ll end up more lost than when you started :iagree:

Very true :iagree:

Quality scanning can be taken too far sometimes .
What anybody should do is use quality media (TY/MMC) and reputable burner and burn at 8X for 8X and 16X media :bigsmile:

But … quality scanning should be used for one disc per spindle of quality media as well as TRT
It also can be useful for medicore media just for reference because alot of folks here like to play with other MIDs :stuck_out_tongue:

:disagree: I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m not a scanning fanatic by far. This isn’t just a scanning quirk however, but a hardware or assembly problem, seeing as some of these drives do produce perfect scans at 8X as well (consistent with 4X and 16X results). I just don’t want to play the lottery to find one any more. Between this and the LH’s noise/vibration issue, I have completely lost faith in Lite-On being able to produce a good drive, other than by accident. Hell, if I weren’t such a good guy my profile would read “Done with Lite-On”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite right. & I can say that, with my drive, I have no choice but to chose what works best for me. Although it steps outside of standards…some standards are just made to be broken :slight_smile: . (I think I already broke the standard by being one of the few to scan with a Samsung regularly, haha.)

And, IMHO, as long as we don’t obsess about scans and actually “have fun” (which sounds a little bit geeky, haha :wink: ) then we’ll be okay. (At least that’s the reason I do it, to do something and have fun seeing pretty colors from time to time :bigsmile: )

Of course, the discs with the pretty colors and with the nifty banding of the dye go into the trash. But that’s part of the fun, too. :flower:

Fair enough, if it was just a media scanning concern I would think you are taking things too far but if it’s vibrating and having quirks that some of the same model do and some don’t, it’s gotta be a manufacturing thing.

I’ve actually had one of my liteons (LH18A1P) simply die after a couple months. I got a new one then found the receipt for the one that died, sent it in and now I have two liteon LH18A1P. They both make different noises and one sounds like it’s going to blow up when it spins up fast at times. Yet the other is fine and they are both from the same build date and everything.

I’m also not going to bother with another liteon at all unless both my liteons die, and if they did… I would take them back under warranty and sell the new ones I think.

My Lite-on 165h6 and 16a7 show the same thing.

I was scanning some Prodisc F01 8x media. The scans at 4x were good. The scans at max (12x) were almost as good. But the scans at 8x were bad.

Wierd. @ 4X my lite on freezes during the scan. 8X seems to be my sweetspot…