Issues while building

Here’s the issue:
I just received parts for a new computer build and I’ve assembled it, but the system won’t turn on. I’ve double checked my wiring and connections, and pretty much reassembled it again but still no prevail.

The computer build is here:

I was told that if I disconnected the PSU from everything and plugged it into an outlet, if the fan doesn’t function then the PSU is dead. Is that true?

PSU issue was resolved by tropic, just had to short the MB.

Here’s the new issues:

  • It shuts itself down every few minutes
  • Monitor won’t receive signal, I’ve replaced the gfx card several times now >_<
  • Effin’ power switch doesn’t work, and I’ve tried plugging it in one way and the other, any ideas?

Resolved monitor issue.

Now trying to solve why it keeps turning off and why the power/reset switches don’t work.

[QUOTE=louic877;2148316]Resolved monitor issue.

Now trying to solve why it keeps turning off and why the power/reset switches don’t work.[/QUOTE]

One of the most common issues with the switches not working is they need to be turned around.Make sure the ground is on the ground pin.In other words if the letters are facing one way turn them around to face the other way.

Check the bios and make sure that the memory and cpu have the correct frequency and multiplier set. The other issue could be that the heat sink is not seating correctly allowing the cpu to overheat and reset.
Make doubly sure that the reset and power switches are plugged on the motherboard’s correct pins. If they are and you have problems, try shorting the pins with the connector removed. This will confirm the correct operation of the motherboard or possibly faulty switches.

Weedougie, I decided to reassemble and it turns out the CPU heatsink was installed improperly. I guess I misheard one of the four clicks =x but all is good at the moment. Installing VISTA.

I’m still having problems with the power switch. I did what you did. I had the words facing away from the bottom and facing towards the bottom but neither are doing the trick.

It doesnt work or…?

The power switch doesn’t work. At the moment I’m turning the computer on via the PSU switch rather than the chassis/case switch. If the PSU switch doesn’t work, I have to short the pins to turn the PC on.

Also, after re-reading what wee wrote I think the switch is faulty, since shorting the MB is the only way to turn on the PC. How can I try to fix the switch?

RMA the case

Sounds like the switch or its wiring is faulty.

Did you double check that the on/off and the reset connectors are correct. I’m sure you have checked but they kinda sound like they are backwards.

@ eric: Yah, I did check. I’ve tried all the combo’s that could’ve been the problem, and according to the MB’s manual and the way the switches’ are labeled, the switches no worky.

@ Danne: Is there are another way to fix the problem >_> returning the case and leaving all the parts unsheltered is gonna’ be a bitch x.x;

New switch :

New Switch as jflan has pointed out