Issues scanning with Opti Drive Control : Lite On BD writer

Just bought a Lite On BD writer to do disc quality scan of BD-R.

There is no problem with Nero DiscSpeed.

However it hardly moves with Opti Drive Control. After 6 hours of scanning it has only done about 3%.

Is there anything that can be done to rectify it?


Yep :slight_smile:

Our member kth discovered this little trick that is required by the second generation LO drives to perform quality scans. Its easy and works quite well so far. I recommend trying 4x speed scanning.

Thank you Thank you to you and kth.

It works now.

BIS value is what I should focus on?

I have one other problem.

If I start the program and then insert the BD-R, there would be multiple small windows of “Unable to read disc label” popping up. One new windows per second. Basically has to shut the program down.

The only way I can go around is to insert the BD-R first and then run the program. There would only be one “Unable to read disc label” window pops up. Close that window and the program seems to run normally after that.

Anyone been experiencing this? So weird.

Sorry I forgot to mention that. Its a bug in the newest ODC version.

On the menu bar, File>Options>uncheck read disc label automatically ;).

Regarding error levels, LDC and BIS should remain low with good quality media.

This thread is a good reference point for highest quality.