Issues popping up with LiteOn 160P6S... please help!

I installed this about three or four weeks ago and have not been having problems until this afternoon. I’d burned a DVD this morning and it was fine. A couple of hours later I tried to burn something on a DL disc, and DVD Fab and DVD Shrink both rejected it, saying the burn had failed. I tried two different discs and got the same error.

Then I tried ripping a DVD and things continued to be messed up. The computer froze a couple of times when I tried to just play the disc. The ripping programs didn’t seem to recognize that there was a disc in the drive. I opened up the computer to see if all the connections were correct and they seemed to be.

Then I tried different DVDs… and some of them are playing while others are not. The only thing that seems to be common among the two discs that won’t play are that they don’t seem to be in the best of condition, but two other DVD players I have play them just fine, and my LiteOn drive had played discs in poor condition just fine until this afternoon.

Then I tried burning again with another DL disc (all three were HP discs… I know sometimes there’s issues with the types of media used) and the burn again failed, the drive was very noisy and it was not ejecting the disc when the eject button was hit. It would only eject the disc when I quit DVD Fab. Finally, I did a quick burn on a DVD RW disc, and wouldn’t you know it, it burned perfectly.

It seems to me there is a problem with the drive. I find it odd that it’s reading and burning some discs fine, but clearly with the noise issues and it not ejecting the disc, that shouldn’t be regular behavior for a drive, regardless of whether or not it was tied to DVD Fab trying to access the drive. Also, I had zero problems until this afternoon and now there seem to be many… which also has me thinking it’s the drive. But I’m no expert on these things… there could be something I’m not accounting for… like something new that would be interfering with the computer’s ability to communicate or access the drive.

Sorry for the long post but I’m trying to give as much information as I can in the hopes that someone out there can tell me exactly what the problem is. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

A couple of updates: I ran a drive test via Nero… I’m not certain what it was telling me but it completed the test without any obvious errors. Second, I installed the firmware from the LiteOn website and rebooted, and the drive is still not reading one of the discs it was previously having trouble with.

This right there that I’ve highlighted in RED [B](HP discs)[/B] might just be your problem get yourself some Verbatim DL discs
and I believe you’ll see a big difference in burning and playback. :iagree:

Thanks for the response. I’ve continued through trial and error to narrow down the issue, and it’s clear that the HP discs were a problem… I was able to successfully complete a burn with a different type of DL media (good thing I have a receipt for the HP discs). But that’s still only part of it… that has nothing to do with the playback.

There are three discs that aren’t playing… these are not burned discs but original media. They do have one thing in common… I got them all with Netflix. Again, the problem is not with copying the discs… it’s simple playback. And I’ve not had issues with playback with Netflix DVDs or otherwise… until yesterday. While Netflix discs are not the best of condition, all three discs played perfectly on my stand alone DVD player.

So, I’m still flummoxed as to what is going on…

Did you install or upgrade any software just before
the trouble started?

The one thing that stands out is I hooked up an external USB HD which required a software install. But I disconnected it and uninstalled the software, and did a reboot, and the problem persists…

If the problem was with all discs I would suggest
you try a different IDE cable…

I’ve done a bit more testing to try and determine why some discs are playing and others aren’t. I still can’t figure it out. I mean, there really doesn’t seem to be anything linking them. I’m listing them in case someone can figure it out: An even 30 tested, 20 were playable, 10 were not.

The unplayable DVDs (none are burns… all original copies… an oxymoron yes, but you know what I mean :wink: ):
Donnie Darko
Don’t Look Now
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Innocents
The Last Wave
Battlestar Galactica: Season 1: Disc 4 (netflix and Hollywood video copy… earlier discs in this series from netflix were playable)
Onibaba: Criterion Collection
Carnivale: Season 1: Disc 5

The playable DVDs:
Raging Bull
Children of Men
Raise the Red Lantern
Twin Peaks: Season 1: Disc 2
Twilight Zone: Season 3: Disc 4
Antonio Gaudi
Tai-Chi Master
The Others
Charade: Criterion Collection
Run Lola Run
The Tenant
Three Kings
Plus 6 burned DVDs.

The burned DVDs were all playable, DVDs produced in Asia were playable. But the unplayable ones? No idea. They weren’t produced by the same company, there’s nothing unique about them that would separate them from some of the playable DVDs. Of the American produced original DVDs, about half are unplayable.

As far as I’ve seen, the unplayable ones won’t play if you try again, reboot, no matter what, while the playable ones play fine the first time and every time presumably.

Does anyone have the slightest idea what’s could possibly be happening here?

Have you tried using the burner in a different computer?

I’d like to try that but I don’t really have access to another computer.

Anyone have any other ideas? Just a shot in the dark that I might be able to perform a test to verify?

What program are you using to play DVD’s
in your computer?
Perhaps it’s choking on Copy Protection…

PowerDVD is the main app that plays DVDs… that’s not the problem though… the drive just isn’t reading it. When Ripit4me runs it doesn’t read the disc. I can’t even view the contents of the disc in explorer. When I put one of these discs in, the green light which indicates the drive is running is on and usually stays on until I eject the disc.

I would try a different IDE cable just to eliminate that
Then, if the drive is still under warranty you might
start thinking about RMA. :frowning:

If I can find a good price on an IDE cable I’ll try that, but I’m skeptical that that’s the issue just because the drive is having trouble with specific discs. I’ve already sent support emails to LiteOn… hopefully they reply soon but I’ll probably try calling them. Unfortunately I bought it a while back for a good price and had it sitting around before finally installing, so I don’t think it’s still under warranty.

Check to find round IDE cables for $3 with free shipping. You might also try a different firmware. I have a 165P6S that wouldn’t burn Verbatim 8x -R or MCC004 Playos with original firmware. Update to latest firmware enabled Verbatim 8x -R burning but still not MCC004 while flash back to next to latest firmware enabled burning of all media tried including MCC004. I know your problem is reading, but I think firmware might also affect reading if it can affect writing.

Thanks for the link. Liteon only has the latest firmware on their site. How do you find the next to latest firmware?

Go to this page.
Then scroll down until you see your drive listed. :slight_smile:

Hi bevills1

I also have a 165P6S that wouldn’t burn Verbatim 8x -R or MCC004 with original firmware, also update to latest MS0R firmware and the drive works better…

Do you meant that it is better to flash back to MSOP (next to latest firmware)?

To be able to burn more media including MCC004?

Whats wrong with the latest MS0R firmware?

Thanks for help!

Thanks. I tried a couple of versions of the firmware. No difference. :confused: I’ll try them all eventually but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Lite-On support was no help either. The only theory they came up with was that it was copy protection, but why would 3 of 4 of the BSG season 1 set be readable but 1 wasn’t? They’d use a type of copy protection on one? Besides, I’ve never heard of copy protection keeping a disc from being read at all.

If the warranty has expired, I saw some pretty damn good deals on drives on the site bevills1 linked to, may just get a new one.

Note the MCC004 I used was Playo MCC004 which are fake Verbatims according to posts I’ve read. My 165P6S made over 60% coasters with Playo MCC004 using MSOR, but flash back to MSOP resulted in no more coasters. Other than that I find nothing wrong with MSOR, and I’d stay with MSOR if there were no problems with my burner. My 165P6S is external USB 2.0 which may make a difference. Note posts in the 165P6S thread report improved DL burning with MSOR, and you probably want to stay with MSOR if you do much DL burning. I’ve not yet done any DL burns and have no direct experience with that.