Issues playing backups on Samsung HT system

I purchased a Samsung HT-q70 about 2 months ago. It works great, sounds great, love it. Some time ago I decided to back up my complete dvd collection to ensure that the little ones would not destory the original shiney play toys that they find under the TV in the really cool plastic cases that we can make forts in!!! :doh:

The issues that I just recently discovered are that the Samsung will not play any disc copied using AnyDvd. The screen flashed “Play prohibited. Please check disc.”

Thinking that it was because AnyDvd was removing the regional coding, I turned it off, so that AnyDVD would not remove the regional coding. Still no go. Opening a recent copy in IFOedit shows that it is only coded for region 1.

This occurs with all Fuji (I only use Fuji) dvd+r and dvd+dl made with the assistance of AnyDVD and DvdDecrypter to make an ISO of the disc.

Other discs that I did not make a full dvd-to-dvd copy (cartoons, etc), and filtered down via Nero work just fine.

This means that every dvd-dl/r disc I have copied will not play, around 80 or so backups.


  1. What is the Samsung player seeing to prevent playing from the complete ISO copy, that is removed with Nero Recode?

  2. What would be the properway to make a full dvd-to-dvd copy without using anydvd/dvddecrypter to remove whatever is stopping playback?


Edit: Just checked the disc I thought that AnyDvd did not removed regional coding, and found it coded for all regions. I wonder if this is an causing it?

Edit 2: Nope. Just checked another disc that plays just fine in Dvddrcrypter, and it has all region coding removed also. This disc works without any issues on the Samsung.

I just used a disc that the Samsung would not play as an original, ran it through Nero Recode, removing nothing except for the french/spainish suptitles. Burned it to disc, and it works fine in the dvd player. No regional coding, sans encryption, rce, etc.

Any ideas as to what Nero is removing that AnyDvd is not?

Darknez -

Have you ensured that you have DVD Decrypter configured properly to work properly in conjunction with AnyDVD?

Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks posting and note comments #5 and #8.


Even though you have always used Fuji, I as well as alot of other members here will say get verbatim’s or TY’s as they are better quality discs too. Just some food for thought.

Both discs that I have played in the Samsung, the first copy (didn’t work), and the copy of that copy (works) are bot on Fuji, so I doubt that the majority of the discs from the spindle would be bad, then by happenstance the copy of the copy works.

By changing those settings in DvdDecrypter, to redo the copies, can I use the copies as the original, or should I use the factory originals? I ask casue one of the originals was scratched beyond repair, stupid teething dog. :doh:


That did not work. Changing the settings did not change the result from the player. These discs all play fine in an older Phillips 642, so I am stumped as to what can be causing this…

I would really like to use the HDMI ouput and not composite cables to watch these dvds. Any other ideas???

I also have the Samsung HT-Q70 and have experienced the “play prohibited please check disc” message when playing a backup DVD using DVD Decrypter. I have no solution to prevent this, but have noticed that by simply pressing stop when you see the message and then pressing play, the movie continues on without the message. Not sure why this works, but then I really don’t care. It is better than spending lots of time and money recopying copies. Hope this helps.

I was able to remedy this. Your start, stop, play trick was not successful for me.

The solution that I came up was:

Copy dvd with Anydvd and Dvd decrypter in ISO mode.
Mount the .mds with daemon tools.
Import the DVD into Nero with the option of removing layer break.
Processing the movie as a full dvd9 copy.
Saving the DVD as a .nrg file.
Opening the DVD in ImgBurn selecting the file and manually setting the layer break.

This is the only way it works for me.

I have had no issues with this technique.