Issues on ringu



I tried to copy the ringu, u know the movie that inspired the ring, but in the middle of some place my pc turned off, i tried this 3 times and i dinit notice at what point went off but i didnt know what was causing this

any comment



strange…never heard of a dvd that shut down your computer

what software do you use for the back - up>
and did you try to re-install it


I have a p4 2.6.
128 nvidia gforce ddr video card
indidvd by tdk
3 hd 80, 30, 20.
512 266 ddr ram.

windows xp professional
dvd toolbox


try to re-install the software…
ringu is dvd5 isn’t it??


yes it is, i reinstall the software, nothing happens same issue, maybe i had to check hardware problems, software and dvd i dont think there`s a problem in there, maybe i got to check ram overheating,

As a matter of fact theres something i dindt earlier noticed, in the working folder of the image, there`s two folders disc 1 and disc 2, that makes it a dv9 right???


strange problem.

does it happen with other dvd’s…please try that.


not, im ripping a whole set of dvds i bought, 6 the only one that does that its the ringu, might be something in japanese protection, or the dvd doesnt allow it to be copied, that`s not what the plot in the rinig says jejejejeje i might receive a phone call telling me about the 7 days right???

it`s very strange…

Thxs a lot


try it with dvddecryptor