Issues of jurisdiction surfacing in file-sharing lawsuits

Issues of jurisdiction surfacing in file-sharing lawsuits.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The 14,000 P2P users who have been recently sued for alleged illegal file-sharing may end up having the cases against them dismissed because of a technicality.

Rosemary Collyer, one of the federal judges overseeing the US Copyright Group cases in Washington, DC has ruled that because defendants in the cases reside all over the United States, the DC court may not have jurisdiction over many of them.

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Folks need to bombard congress with emails and letters to significantly remove the penalties and protections especially afforded these industries. That simple.

NO E-MAILS they are mostly ignored. Phone calls or Letters. If you can use FedEx, that gets attention. FOr the most part Congress doesn’t care about anything but money. They spend more time fund raising than anything, including what they were elected to do. Do you actually think any of those crooks wrote any of the copyright laws they passed? Nope, they were passed off form the RIAA, probably wuth a bigh check in the envelope.

Elections are coming up, vote them all out of office and elect people without political experience. Anyone supported by either party is corrupt, otherwise they wouldn’t support them.

IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR ANY POLITICIAN TO ACCEPT DOANTIONS OTHER THAN FOR THE 6 MONTHS PRIOR TO AN ELECTION THEY ACTUALLY RUN IN. These guys are extorting money from people and companies up to the day they retire.

They can file all the cases they want to, what the RIAA and MPAA are shit scared of is finding 12 people who would vote their way, good luck on that one.