Issues if I upgrade from Nero 6.6.01 to Latest 7?

Hello ALL:

I have been using Nero and Recode for a while now with no issues. I remember that when I first set it up I needed a few DVD Mpeg DLL’s. If I upgrade, or remove 6 and install Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced will I gain anything? Also, will I be back to needing the dvdmpeg dlls again? I just wonder if these have been updated for 7 or if Nero stopped requiring these?


You can not upgrade from Nero 6 to latest 7 since the serial number won’t work with very few exception.

No, I meant that I would buy it, not try to upgrade, but had questions first. There have been many deals this season.

You can try to install Nero which is the latest version on “Demo” bases and work with it for while to see if things going OK.

OK, I can try. I do not remember, but I have a test system without a dvd drive. If I remember, recode will not even open if the plugin is required even if there is only a cd burner and no dvd burner.