Issues Burning Ricoh media on Samsung 203N

I have some Ricoh discs, sometimes it works on the 203N sometimes they don’t. Never had a single problem with the Pioneer 212D. Is it just a burner thing? I have firmware SB01 and 1.24 respectively.

Also i just setup this machine, i have windows XP on it, Nero and CloneCD Should i install anything else? Like any aspi or atapi drivers?


Which Ricoh media exactly :confused:

[QUOTE=Kevatcrewe;1970715]Which Ricoh media exactly :confused:[/QUOTE]

Good question…plus burn speed :slight_smile:

Ricoh D01-67

The media isnt the greatest i know, but they are glossy and hub printable. On my XP machines i have no issues with my pioneer DVR212D, but the samsung burner sometimes hiccups.

I am burning at 4x, but the media is rated at 8x.

On my vista machine, the media fails almost everytime, it is quite strange.

We had this before - it’s highly likely that if burning fails even at 4x that the burner and media just don’t get along. Pioneer drives are very tolerant of crappy media anyway, which is probably why it burns it better.

As you said, it’s not the best media.

I would recommend to use your Pio with those discs, and feed the Sammy with better stuff. :wink:

Thanks very much for the advice, luckily i have 3 Pioneer DVR212D’s so i will just replace the sammy with 1 of them.