Issues burning DVD-R DL on AD7170A

Good afternoon,

My apologies if my question has already been asked (I’m sure that it has, but searching through… 50+ pages of posts is a daunting task. Forgive my lack of determination). This is my first post here.

I’ve run into problems burning 4x Ritada DVD-R DL discs on my NEC AD7170A. I have been using DVDShrink, FixVTS, and DVDDecoder to burn my DVD-R’s with absolutely no problems whatsoever up to this point. I came across some DVD-R DL discs last week and decided to give them a shot.

DVDShrink recognizes the discs as “ML” discs while requiring DVD discs, and hence, the problems burning. I’ve tried using this program as well as Nero 6 and Nero 7.

Has anyone else come across this issue before? I don’t know if it’s my burner (which should support DVD-D DL writing, as per the technical specs), the media, or the software. I have not updated firmware on the DVD burner, as everything has gone swimmingly to this point.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks. Your attention is appreciated.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

There really is only 1 brand of dual layer disks worth using & that’s Verbatim +Rs.

If you want to burn a DL disk then ImgBurn is the best option , burn an ISO image created by DVD Decrypter. This way the layer break is maintained which if not retained does affect playback.

There are other applications to use but I’ve listed the free ones , which are still really the best anyway.

DVD Shrink is not a burning application but only calls Nero , DVD Decrypter (& maybe ImgBurn) to do the burn for you.

Having been thru DVD Shrink there’s not much point in burning to a DL disc.

There was another thread within the last few days that also referred to ML disks , there again I think it was to do with DVD-R DL media.

Only Imgburn for burning to -R DL media, any other software is useless yet.

Sounds good. I’ll give it a shot tonight. Thank you both for your input!