Issues burning dually



Ok, here some more info for those who have having the same issue and i.

I have a 1213s@1653s (CS0P) and a 1673s@1693s (KS04). I can not burn two dvds at once, faster then 6x (usually 4x).

System specs are –
AMD Athlon 3000 @2405
1gb Geil PC4000
Dfi lanpary ut ultra-d
74gb Raptors x5 (raid 5)

The rest is unimportant. I have all the most current drivers. Most current bios updates. And I am running a killer system. So why is it that I can not burn two dvds at fast then 6x?

The 1653 was using Ritek R03 (+r)

The 1693 was using Ritek G04 (-r)


Is your DMA set to UDMA 4 or higher?


yes, everything is set to ultra dma 4.




You have too many variables to burn above 6x:

  1. 2 physically different drives
  2. 2 different firmwares
  3. 2 different media types
  4. Overclocking, which could cause more stress.

Did you try setting each drive as a Master on the IDE channels?


each drive has its own ide channel and each drive is the master on each channel. (they are buy them selves as well).