Issues after bad flashing

Obviously based on the title I am yet another victim to bad flashing. So here is my problem. After attempting to flash my Optorite CW5201 CD Burner it froze while flashing, and became a dead drive, not recognized by Windows or the BIOS. The weird part is that it also affected my Samsung TS-H552 DVD Burner, and at the time made that drive unresponsive to CDs, however it was recognized by Windows and the BIOS. So I took out the Optorite, and left the Samsung in, reflashed it, and now it is sort of working (the Samsung one). As of right now it can play any original store boughten CDs (so games and apps and music CDs) but no burned CD-Rs, as well as it can not burn CD-Rs. However, it can still burn, and read burned DVDs. I already tested it in a different computer with no luck.

As for the other drive, I have yet to get it to do anything, it won’t even open when I hit the eject button. I have tried the mtkflash app, as well hot swapping it in DOS (I think I hot swapped it correct).

I’m not much of a noobie with computers, but when it comes to fixing a dead CD-ROM I don’t know much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.