Issue with XMPEG

I’m trying to use DVDShrink in conjunction with XMPEG to basically edit the DVD before I encode the VOB. The problem that I’m having is that XMPEG crashes every time I try to load a VOB created by DVDShrink. What’s wrong? Is there anything I can do?

I had the same problem. I don’t know if is a bug of DVD shrink or of XMPEG, but every time I try to use XMPEG on a “shrinked” file application crashes. However, XMPEG is under development for a new version (is out in beta right now). Maybe new version will solve this problem :wink: .


Ok, I found a solution. For whatever reason XMPEG doesn’t like that you have one large VOB file instead of several. I also turned off most of the other functions that DVD Shrink does and now XMPEG isn’t throwing a fit when I sak it to look at Shrink’s VOB’s. If you dink around with shrink, you CAN get XMPEG to like the files. I also am using Shrink to take the VOB’s directly off the DVD (I don’t think that makes any difference however).

Any thoughts?

I never have a single large vob file; every time I tried to use XMPEG on a “shrinked” movie, XMPEG crashes.

I hope that new version correct this bug.

This happen even if I don’t do any operation on the movie, i.e also on ripped movies without any “shrinking”. Only movies ripped with DVD decrypter can be converted in avi with XMPEG. :confused:

apperantly not. I’ll post the exact setting I have with Shrink.

(DVD Shrink)

First I have version

edit/ preferences

I have checked ‘automatically open video_TS subfolders’ and ‘Run analysis and backup in low priority mode to improve multi-tasking’

under ‘preview’
‘Enable video and audio preview’ is checked
stereo/system Default Renderer

‘Output Files’

.The only thing I have checked is Split VOB files into 1 GB chunks (recommended).’ is the only thing I have checked.

Under ‘Stream Selections’
all languages and AC3 or LPCM

Nothing checked under File I/O

Sorry but I don’t know how to get any more specific than that. I rip the movie directly from the DVD with Shrink, and don’t use DVDDecrypter at all in this process.

I’m using the newest XMPEG and DivX codec 6 (ripping with insane quality). For whatever reason the XMPEG seems to accept these shrinked files perfectly. Hope this helps.

For me the solution is avoid to rip with shrink; I rip with DVD decrypter, and all is fine