Issue with Vista + NEC ND-3550A. Issue with drive or Vista controllers?



Yesterday I installed Vista Business and had MAJOR issues trying to install it. Basically after the initial “loading windows files” screen it would just hang while my hdd and dvd drive light stays on and the dvd continues to spin. There was nothing I could do about it as the hdd was empty. I thought maybe I got a bad disc.

What I did was I then installed Win XP on a small partition then inserted the vista disc in xp and installed it from there. It started well enough as it did the windows files and expanding files installation procedures. When it did its first reboot it went to the setup screen and once again it did the disc spinning thing (with hdd and drive lights on). The only way I could get it to continue was to eject the disc, then a setup windows appears then put the disc back in the drive. This happened multiple times and was a total hassle. Eventually Vista was installed and all seemed well.

When I inserted a disc (a driver disc for the MS wireless gaming reciever) the drive didn’t read the disc and much like the vista install the hdd and drive light was on while the disc continued to spin. It just won’t read any disc! It does that to every disc I put in.

Just in case I rebooted into xp (since its in dual boot format with xp (c: ) and vista (v: )) and the drive works perfectly and reads every disc perfectly. So now I’m wondering if Vista simply doesn’t work with my drive. Maybe Vista doesn’t like my IDE dvd drive + SATA hdd combo?? Again…it works flawlessly with XP but I intend on putting xp on my laptop and use Vista on my desktop pc.

Here are a few things I did to try to solve the problem:

  1. changed IDE cables = same result
  2. updated NEC drive firmware (used Dee’s 1.Y6)= same result
  3. installed latest vista whql nForce drivers (with ide/sata drivers) = same result.
  4. deleted the drive in device manager and rebooted (vista recognizes it as the 3550A) = same result

<sigh> So I guess I may simply have to buy a new drive?? Anyone here with a NEC ND-3550A drive that had no problems?? Any suggestions?? I have no issues with buying a new optical drive and giving away my current drive since opticals are cheap anyways. I had this drive for over a year and like I said it works flawlessly under xp. I am at a total loss.

Sorry for the super long post but I wanted to explain everything as clearly as possible. Thanks for any suggestions/comments. I really appreciate it.


i have got a 3550 converted to a 4551 and it is working perfectly on vista ultimate 32bit also have you got your 3550 as master drive on its own ide cable i also installed vista with this drive no problem

cheers   bighun1952