Issue with Teac DVD-ROM

My DVDRom Teac DV-516E decided to act very weird. I have it for almost 1 year but today i noticed very strange issue with him.

The problem: He’s no longer recognized well inside apps. For ex. Nero CD-DVD Speed can’t recognized him anymore. Easy CD-DA Extractor find him with other name “ 3.04_k53” (usually it was “TEAC DV-516E 3.04_k53”), the same weirdo with alcohol 120%, instead of putting “TEAC DV-516E” i got this unknow empty block “”.

Besides, the drive working well, windows can recognized him, no conflicts and drives working properly.

It just happen today, i dunno why and how, cause i didn’t installed any new software or games before.

Any kind of help or info will be welcome.