Issue with SONY KDL-40V4000 "Bravia" Full HD TV



I have a KDL-40V4000 Full HD (1080p) TV box by SONY which is driving me crazy. Not only it’s displaying less than a half the channels it should show in the list, but they’re also completely messed up (eg. channel 2 is showed as channel 39… ok I can change this order, but everytime I sync I have to change more than 40).

Another big, big, big issue relies on HD. Why is my TV unable to view HD channels? While on them, I can only hear audio. Video is not displayed. I have a personal interpretation of this issue, i.e. the KDL-40V4000 does not have a MPEG-4 decoder built-in and so is unable to “unveil” what’s behind a DTTV HD signal.

It needs a tuner to do so: I have a Maxell MMB-200 which is able to both correctly view HD (unfortunately, only 720p and not 1080p) and to display channels in their correct order after sync.

My questions are, in your opinion, why is my TV unable to do all of this natively?


Your TV is old and doesn’t have an MPEG-4/AVC decoder, only the older MPEG-2 decoder, which is why you cannot receive modern HDTV channels.


Personally I’d suggest replacing your TV instead of getting an external box, but that’s obviously up to you.