Issue with Sony DW-U14A burner

Hi all,

Im having a problem with the Sony DW-U14A 4x DVD DUAL /R/RW whereby in Alcohol etc it wont detect the fact that I have put a PS2 DVD into the drive. I wish to create an image of it in Alcohol 120 or Nero but it will not detect it. Can anyone recommend a solution?

Also, I know this has been talked about over and over again, but is there any simple way to backup a DVD Movie to a blank DVD? Ive seen mention of 3-4 different applications that are needed. Is there one integrated solution that just does the lot at the click of a button? I dont have a DVD reader either, only a CD reader and a DVD burner.

Cheers guys,

hmm…well does your DVD-rw read normal DVD’s? if so, it should read a PS2 version. Alcohol 120% should work great, if not try Fantom CD. about DVD backups, look at

I have a Sony DW-U14A that just replaced a DW-U10A under warranty. I get CD to work and DVD play but with no audio. It does not see my DVD-R recorded DVD’s at all.