Issue with samsung firmware

Hi, I have the samsung SH-S183L dvd-rw its been working fine since I bought it 9 months ago, I did a firmware update it went ok every thing was working alright, then one day it stopped working I couldn’t even open the tray and the led light was on all the time, when I checked on the drive it read SH-S183Lboot instead of SH-S183LSB03 so I flashed it again with the same firmware I downloaded from samsung, it started working again, but a few days later it stopped working again I looked at the drive and it has gone back to Sh-S183Lboot so I flashed it again now its working again, can you tell me why it would do this? I think it started when I mounted a drive with powerISO

Maybe you should replace the data cable.
How is the PSU rated?

I did a search but couldn’t find anything related to my problem, I’m a newbie I don’t know nothin about dvd-rw thats why I’m asking for help