Issue with registering the retail version of Alcohol 120% version

I am a technician at a small computer repair store, and a machine came in with an odd problem. Alcohol 120 will install properly, however when the user tries to start Alcohol 120, it brings up the “About” window and says that this copy is unlicensed. When you click the “Register” button, nothing happens, and if you click “OK” it brings up the error that states that “This is not the trial version…” window.

Now I know this user has a valid license however cannot use it because of the “Register” button doing nothing.

I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, checked registry entries, checked ini files, all that jazz to see if there was an error, however have come up with nothing.

Any support in this matter would be appriciated. Thank you for your time.


please see the PM ive sent you.

I am having the exact same problem! Robbo or elcapjtk, could you send me the same information or post it here? Thx!

At Alcohol we have our own purchased users support forum we even have an online contact page for problems like this i would suggest that you make use of these.

If you wish to have access to the Purchased Users Forum, you will need to send an email to

The subject line should say Purchased User and the message should just have your username on the forum and the email address you used when you purchased alcohol. You will receive notification once your access to the Purchased Users Forum is approved.