Issue with Pioneer dvr-111d

The drive will not rip or play a dvd(any dvd both burned and original copies). Yet it will burn a dvd. It has no issues with CDs. I have updated the firmware to the latest official release. DVD shrink and DVD decrypter both give an IO error when I attempt to rip. Trying to play any dvd does not work. By play I mean watch the movie, it will read the disk and I am able view and explore the contents of the dvd. Ive made sure all the settings are correct for the device. What would possibly cause this? And there is no problem with any disk I have tried they work fine in my laptop and my home dvd player.

Makes no sense.

Install a proper dvd player software!

Ditto/ what player software do you have installed?

Ive tried multiple players, the Nero player says that there is an unexpected DVD Error or that the disk does not have the correct structure for a DVD, VCD … etc. I can still explore the disk and everything is fine. Ive tried using Windows media player and it just hangs. Every player that I have tried has just locked up. I have installed all the latest codecs for the players as well. It will not even play a DVD it burned.

IF the source video-dvd is ok then just use vlc tool and watch it.

If that won’t work, the source is damaged in the one or other way.