Issue with only Dvds burned using BH14NS40 - A question for the experts in burning


When i attempt to play a dvd burned using my LG burner using my samsung bluray sound system, it thinks and then spits the disk out.
I use IMGBURN and have a LG BH14NS40 and as a backup a samsung USB dvd burner.
playing burned Blurays is fine, but if i burn a standard 4.3GB DVD disk, the disk will not play or even peruse the contents. the disk contents are assorted media files, typically .MKV sometimes MP4.
-all dvds burned using my samsung usb burner work fine, no playback issues.
-as far as i can tell the booktype is the same when i use my LG or samsung burner.
-the DVD will work fine in a pc or laptop, but just refuses to play in samsung bluray players.

is there some other hidden setting in imgburn i should be looking for, or way to findout how the LG bluray burner is altering the disk to make it unplayable on my bluray player?

thankyou for your time

You use imgburn also with your Samsung USB-burner?

Most Samsung-burners can be used to make a disc quality scan with CDSpeed if you edit the registry (1.1 MB)

Thanks for the reply! I’m well versed in reg edits :slight_smile: so this application will show detailed/hidden disc info ? Il check it out soon thanks

I guess there´s nor hiden info, but it shows the quality of writing. Maybe the LG writer higher error-levels and the Player don´t like it.