Issue with Nero and anyDVD



I recently ran into a problem when trying to backup my DVD’s through dvd shrink 3.2 with anyDVD 6.1.25 (I could wrong on the version of anyDVD but its the one that supports HD-DVD’s) when I have any version of nero installed. The error I get in dvd shrink is that the disc is encrypted. If I completely reinstall windows XP SP2, install dvd shrink, and anyDVD it works. As soon as I install nero I get the error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled nero and anyDVD numerious times. I have tried version 6.6.8.x and 7 of nero with multiple revisions of anyDVD and nothing works. Like I said I have reinstalled windows may times even wiped the drive it was on. What doesn’t make any sense is that it was working fine with this exact setup a few months ago then something obviously changed and this happened. I have also replaced the DVD drives (needed new ones) to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreiated. Also if anyone knows of a good uninstalling program so I can pin down the file that nero is installing thats screwing this up that would be great.


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First of all update your AnyDVD to V This is a known problem. You need to use CloneDVD2 or DVDFab to do some of the newer Sony movies. Shrink is not updated anymore.


Thanks alan. i know shrink isn’t updated but it such a nice program i still use it. I’ll check out dvdfab.


The latest versions of Recode should work, as well. Since you said you have Nero 7, you may want to give that a shot. Recode was written by the same author as DVD Shrink and provides a very similar result.

If you’re intent on keeping Shrink, you could grab the latest beta of VobBlanker(freeware product, VERY nice) and use that as a ripper in combination with AnyDVD. The bonus is that you can blank out titlesets you don’t want giving DVD Shrink more room to work with. It’s very easy to use despite the sometimes overwhelming looking interface. In any case, using VobBlanker(the latest beta version) as a ripper you can still use DVD Shrink and AnyDVD.


I am having a problem with the latest version of Recode and some of these new encryptions. But your advice is sound, Great post SamuriHL.:clap:


What version of Recode? As far as I knew the latest versions WERE working. I haven’t picked up any new movies this week. I might be getting Pursuit of Happyness for my wife, though. Is that one of the ones you’re having issues with?


The latest that came with Nero V It wouldn’t open with Pursuit of Happyness and AnyDVD but CloneDVD2 had no problems.


I’ll have to check it out when I get it. My wife’s birthday is this weekend so I’ll probably end up getting it for her. CloneDVD2 is definitely not going to have issues with it.


Indeed, Alan, won’t open it. I find that surprising. I’m currently checking it out with VobBlanker. Still scanning the buttons. CloneDVD is probably the way to go on this one but I want to make sure the advice I give Shrink users…to rip with VobBlanker…is still valid.

UPDATE: VobBlanker failed for me! This title will have to be played with some more. Not tonight, though.


I thought as you, but it just doesn’t work. I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD anyway so its no biggie. Thanks SamuriHL.:iagree:


No biggie for me either, but, I like having options for others and this doesn’t please me. I’m going to mess with VobBlanker again as I think it was a fluke on my machine. (I BELIEVE after recode screwed up NOTHING could read it as CloneDVD couldn’t, either. I then pulled it out and put it back in and CloneDVD was able to read it. I’ll try again with VobBlanker tomorrow.) I just don’t want to leave our DVD Shrink friends out in the cold.