Issue with mounted image i Alcohol 52



I have a problem with Alcohol 52.
I mount an image on the virtual drive, no problem here, but after a reboot of the PC the image is no longer remounted even if I checked the option in Alcohol 52.

I have reinstalled after a clean uninstall (deleting registry and all folders) and reinstall but nothing helped.

I would like some help about it… thanks.



Have you tried the latest SPTD v1.42? There’s also a SPTD 1.43 beta you can try.


I tried 1.42, and it did not help…
I will try the beta one too…
But issue seems to be Alcohol somehow does not “rememeber” to mount after reboot.


Installing 1.43 beta did not help either… :sad:


Can you send a System Report from within Alcohol to the Support Team and reference this thread please?


I did to Nuno… this morning #3723918




I’m still waiting for a solution by the Alcohol support.
They asked me 3 times if the image was mounted from a hard drive or a network drive.
I answered 3 times from a local hard drive in the pc, but I am still waiting.

Is it autorun issue in windows, bug in alcohol 52… any suggestion while I get an answer from support?



If you have not received a reply that generally means they have not received the system report, you can PM it to me if you like.


Sent system info to you in PM.
I had already sent it through the system report in Alcohol some days ago…
Thanks for the help.


support request 2915387, no news yet after many mails, and after answering all your questions…


Having checked support mail logs i can see that you have been sent replies if you are not receiving these replies, please check any spam settings you may have in place.


I received some mails, but all suggestions did not work.
Clean uninstall and reinstall did not help either…
Nothing should prevent Alcohol to remount the image after reboot.
I have nothing else running than AV and FW but Alcohol has “fully” access and is in the trusted zone. Disabling AV and FW was unuseful.

I really do not know what could be wrong.



You already tried new Daemon Tools version?


Hi Kalas,
not yet… I cannot find a place where to download it…
On their site I can only find the previous one…




My issue is still not solved… At reboot no image are mounted.

I hope this issue will be fixed somehow in next releases…


Actually, this is the problem of last SPTD versions.
I tried versions 1.39, 1.43, 1.45 beta - and I had same result as bimbobo.
Bundled (with alcohol 52% version 1.38 doesn’t have the issue.

I’m using alcohol 52% free edition.


On certain configurations perhaps. I’ve used SPTD 1.38, 1.39, 1.42 and 1.43 (all the way back to the first SPTD release) and my images mount on reboot without any problem.


Duplex Secure (SPTD developer) said it’s by design. The behaviour was changed due to some issues. Now executing emulating software is needed to get mounted images working.