Issue with iHAS524B

I just got this burner. I have been burning a bunch of DVD+R DL discs. They are the Verbatim 8x +R DL discs. I went from an older spindle to a newer one. Ever since I switched the new spindle, I’ve been getting very strange burns, and some of them fail verification. But disc after disc in this new spindle all have those types of scans.

I can’t tell if the drive is bad or I got a bad batch of media. Anyone care to comment?

If it was burning good on the old media then started burning like crap on the new
batch of media then I’d have to say it is media related. You can never count on 2
batches of identical media to be created equal. I have run into this using the same
spindle of media where the top few were great and the rest of the disc’s were either
so-so or just plain old crappy. You should never just blame the burner without trying
different media in it first to be sure. :bigsmile:

I think you are right. I found another disc from the old spindle I somehow left beside. The errors on it are a little high, but then again it has scratches on it. Is blank media susceptible to cold? It’s winter here now, and it’s certainly feasible that the media was subject to winter cold air. I shipped them from Amazon.

I tried ordering another 30-pack spindle from Newegg to compare some more.

Where were your two batches of discs made?

Verbatim discs can be made in several countries and quality can vary.

Those made in Singapore are generally considered the best to buy. :iagree:

I have new computer with this burner installed. the quality is terrible. Photos are wavy and shimmering. quality is not good.
any suggestions