Issue with DVD Playback



I have a Pioneer DVD-RW (DVR-107D, USB Device) burner that’s installed onto a robot (Primera Bravo II). The discs I am currently burning onto are Playo’s DVD-R 8X. The problem I am having is that the video file will play fine on my computer, but after I burn it and watch the disc once on the television the next time it starts skipping horribly. I checked the bottome of the disc’s for any damage to the dye area, and any scratches or fingerprints but the bottom’s are literally spotless. So I am not sure if this is a problem with the discs I am using or not (maybe they don’t work well with my burner?), or if it is the burner itself. There has been over 1,000 CD duplications on this robot and I don’t know how many times you can use a burner before it should be replaced. I am working on making a DVD for my friends band using all of their recorded material, so these aren’t back-ups or bootlegs downloaded from the internet, its home footage that I imported into Adobe Premiere, edited and then burned using My DVD Maker. Could it be the program possibly?

I also tried downloading CDSpeed to see if it would test individual DVD-R’s but it either doesn’t work on DVD-R’s or its not reading the G: drive (where the DVD burner is located) because nothing shows up. The only drives that show up in the program are the CD-R and DVD drives that are on my tower. Neither of which will read the DVD-R so that I can’t test it. Is there any way I can add a drive onto the program so that it will read the G: drive?

One more thing too, if it is the DVD-R’s that are the problem would Verbatim 8X DVD-R’s be a better choice? Those also come with the white inkjet printable hub.

Anyway, thats a lot of questions. Thank’s in advance.


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This problem is caused by a very low quality disc. I suggest to get rid of that Playo media and buy some quality discs like verbatim or taiyo yuden :slight_smile:


Bad media, spot on.


awesome thanks very much, I’ll go find some Verbatim and try that out and hopefully that works. I was really worried it might have been the recorder but if its just the discs that saves me a lot of trouble.