Issue with DL burns, is it teh media?



I have burned several DVD movies, mostly using TDK DVD+R DL media. The discs burn very well with very few coasters. The problem is after playing the copies on my stand-alone DVD player (Yamaha DVD-S2500) a few times, they begin to freeze and become unplayable. This is very frustrating and I do not understand why a disc will play perfectly the first few times, then for apparently no reason become unplayable.
Has anybody else experienced such an issue?
Any ideas why this could be the case?


I’d say it’s the media. For DL, you really are better off using Verbatim +R DL. Nothing else comes close. :slight_smile:


Most of times this is due to a bad burned media, and most of times the problem is a low quality disc.

Most of DL discs too bad have a low quality. Try to use a Verbatim disc, this should solve :slight_smile:

EDIT: doooooooooooh!!! too slow :sad:


TDK is sub-par since a while now, also their DL.