Issue with CloneCD4 and GTA3 using LiteOn

I have made a couple of backups of GTA3 using my LiteOn 40x12x48 to read and write along with CloneCD 4 using pretty much every single profile I found and the backups always end up needing me to activate the HIDE CDR MEDIA on the CloneCD Systray before playing. Without the HIDE CDR MEDIA, I usually get the Rockstar Logo and then it spins and I get a msg saying that ‘Cannot locate the CD-ROM: Please eject and re-insert the CD-ROM, select OK and restart application.’

This is driving me nuts!!!

I flashed my LiteOn with the latest firmware and it is also on the list of the ones that can handle FES so that I do not need to turn on AWS during write.

Here is what I tried so far:

  1. I tried the SafeDisc 2 (No AWS) profile
  2. I tried also the Game CD profile
  3. I tried editing my own setting by unchecking pretty much everything and I only left FES turned on during read. During write I just checked Always Close Last Session and NO AWS.

They all can back the image but I just can’t get over the issue of why do I have to still enable the HIDE CDR MEDIA prior to playing!!!

I have tried the backups on a Ricoh DVD/RW Combo drive, on a Pioneer DVD-Rom drive, and a Phillips CDRW 8x4x and they all complaint about the same thing.

Can anyone help me? Is there something wrong with my writer that it can’t backup a near-perfect copy of GTA3 using CloneCD4???

The configuration on my PC is:

P3 733 Mhz
512 MB PC133 Ram
Ricoh DVD/RW Combo MP9060
LiteOn LTR40125S
Used the CCD4RegKill to activate the AWS and HIDE CDR
100 GB HD NTFS Partition
Running Win XP Pro

Had anyone succefully backed up GTA3 that will play on any CD-ROM or CD-RW without the need to turn on the HIDE CDR MEDIA???

Thank you all for reading this but this is just so frustrating…


look for info on ATIP @

what thhe hell…

To understand the below you need to understand what ATIP is.

ATIP is something that is on every blank CD but is not on real CDs since real CDs are not made in the same way you copy a game. (Big industrial CD machines that make millions of CDs for companies use different methods!) Although ATIP is only needed when writing the data, it remains on the CDR after the burn process has been completed (even though it is no longer needed.)

ATIP is at the start of the CD and it contains important information that all CD-writer software need to burn onto a CD. It tells the software the size of the CD (eg: 80 mins), how much you can overburn the CD and other info. That is not need by software.

ATIP can only be read by CD-writers, as only CD-writers need to know the ATIP information. CD-roms/DVD-roms cannot read ATIP and so ignore ATIP.

SafeDisc (like GTAIII, MOHAA) can not be PERFECTLY copied by ANY CD-writer or software.

The SafeDisc has 2 main features:

  1. It checks for the correct bit pattern on the CD.
  2. It checks to see the CD does not have ATIP (i.e.: it will work if no ATIP is detected) – note this is true for SafeDisc 2.4 and above only!

LITEon, ASUS and Sony CD writers (not all models) can write bit patterns correctly, so check ‘1’ is not a problem (it is a problem to ALL other makes of CD-writer eg: Plextor, Teac, Mitsumi…). However nothing can be done about 2.
However, ATIP is not read in CD/DVD-roms, so if you play the game from CD/DVD-rom, the game thinks there is no ATIP and the game works!

If the game was plated in a CD-writer the ATIP would be detected and the games would refuse to run. The game can be played in a CD-writer, but if you want to do this you must activate the ‘Hide CDR Media’ function in clone CD (which makes the ATIP of the copied game invisible.)

I guess I didn’t do sufficient research… I learn something new every second!!!

So in other words, there is a very high chance that the backup will work on a non CD Writer because those type of devices will ignore the ATIP.

I will give that a try on a non CD writer to verify that this is the case. Don’t get me wrong but just for self-satisfaction that I actually managed to backup my precious GTA3!

Been reading so much on this forum that I didn’t actually get the full story. I’ve been finding mainly that people claim that they have successfully backed it up but without disclosing the fact that they either used a CD-ROM drive or that they used HIDE CDR MEDIA.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain this and I hope other people will find your reply useful.

Thanks shuebhussain!


The backup does work on my DVD-ROM drive! Kudos! Great forum and great resource!