Issue with burning with my beauty

Guys ive read all the reviews and picked a benq 1620a pro, burnt a single dvd and have produced a dvd coaster and two cd-r coasters
is my drive dead?
For my dvd+r’s im using daxon az1 while the cdrs they’re just plain imation discs…
If it is a dead drive guess im gonna have to replace it, right?

Thought i give extra information, my dvd coaster was burnt in nerovission express, burnt only bout 8mbs at 2.4X
my two cdr coasters were burnt in nero burning rom
could it be my nero…the errors i recieved for coasters were on the lines of:

  • can not user area track…or something…cant remember

Use better DVD MEDIA like MAXELL or FUJI (TAIYO YUDEN). What firmware are you using? You could try updating to the latest NERO BURN but I suspect it’s the dvd media you’re using.

Personally I also had some trouble with my Benq 1620 Pro and Nero. For some time all was going well, but suddenly the dvds were all coasters. I found out that some f***ing program messed up my aspi layer. After fixing the problem everything runs smooth again. So check that.

thks for your reply…what aspi are you using, monty?

i just ran a nero cd-dvd speed test on a dvd i burnt yesterday and it couldnt read the disc saying it was “unrecovered read error”…does that mean the disc is rooted?
man this is really frustrating, i thought this was burner is a beauty…
turns out im wasting too much time.

There is nothing wrong with your beauty or ASPI layer, I think.

It’s more likely a media compatibility problem. DAXON AZ1…? don’t think this media is supported by burner firmware.
Before making any final judgement also try other media. :wink:

Edit. You can use Nero Info Tool if you like to check your system and Nero ASPI layer anyway.

thanks pinto, yeah daxon az1 is part of the certified list…benq use these discs them seleves for oem blanks

tried speed test 3 times all failure, but the disc burnt fine…
think i have lemon…

Yes, you can, but im my case all tools I used for checking told me, that everything was fine, which actually was not !
Some programms (that need an aspi layer) even told me that my aspi layer wasn’t installed correctly, while all checking tools (Adaptecs aspichk, nero info tool) said everything was fine.

ATM, I am only using Nero’s own aspi layer. ForceAspi is also worth a try.

But, I am not sure that this is also your problem…

Must be something I missed… post us link to that list.

You can find a usable compatibility list here.

Have you tried to burn this type of disk as data disk with Nero or as an image with Decrypter at 4x speed or higher. BenQ is not that good at 2.4x burning.

Nerovision express, don’t know much abot that because I never use it for my projects.

Force aspi will only kill your existing ASPI layer and install v.4.60…
Nowdays with XP´s SPTI, there is not that big need for any ASPI layer at all. All apps still needing ASPI have it included in the package (like my KProbe).
But then, system ASPI is not the problem here as I see it. :wink:

thanks pinto…now im in trouble i have about 200 daxon az1’s
are pioneers good with these discs…like 109

hey pinto saw this list…not sure whether correct or not;

im also using the b7s9 firmware…
so should i go up to t9

No need to look at Pioneer right now…

First maybe you should try ala42´s MCSE utility and try to apply DAXOX AZ2 write strategy to your current media.
You will find guidance and everything needed to know about MCSE in this thread.

Edit. Yes, try B7T9 or B7U9 firmware before starting change write strategy… :wink:

Edit2. @ ALL

Don’t trust that list, trust what ala42´s MCSE tool tells you. Period.

Here’s the short-list with the goals of T9.
Bear in mind that these are goals, and not necessarily incorporated into T9–but you know they tried.

thanks mate…
just wondering what software (version) you guys use for:

  • drag and drop burning
  • vcd to dvd

Not entirely true. There are other ForceAspi Versions.

Again, not true. There are a lot of apps which rely on an already existing aspi layer.

I agree. Having read the whole post again, I think that really is not the problem. It was just a guess.

lets not bicker…
lets work together…all comments have been helpful…im really not sure what to do
currently living at uni, no cash to buy discs, brought my daxons in taiwan
whether to flash or refund?

If by drag and drop burning you mean packet writing, I never use it. IMO it is just asking for trouble. Rw is just not reliable enough, and the software tends to interfere with normal burning.

Vcd to dvd: I have tried different solutions to make dvd’s with mpeg1, but in the end it was much easier to buy a Philips standalone with support for divx and mpeg ISO (in my case, a 630/632). I unpack all vcd’s and svcd’s with VcdGear, burn the mpg-files on a data dvd, and watch them on the standalone. You can use a good quality 4x +rw (mediacode Ricohjpnw11 seems to be everyone’s favorite but I have had good results with Philips 41 as well), so you don’t waste media on tv-shows that you don’t want to keep.

thanks…but im trying to use up my az1’s so packet writing with R’s, but now ive had trouble wanna get rid of it first…
just buzzed benq see what they say…hopefully a fix or new drive; cause i cant even burn a cd-r