Issue with burning DVDs

Hi Guys.

I have been using Nerovision to burn my avi and mpeg files to DVD, because I can create my own menu screens and whatnot. Anyway, recently everytime I burn a movie, it says its complete, and pops out the disc…BUT, when I attempt to play the disc, my dvd players wont recognize it. Also, when I put it in my computer, instead of prompting to play the disc, an explorer folder pops up, and it simply shows the DVD files that are on the disc. What could I have done wrong? I messed with some settings in Nerovision, but I didnt think I changed the burn settings at all. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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For the most, this issue is due to a low quality disc. Some standalones are rather picky about media, so you need to use quality discs.

Another issue could be the wrong burning speed.

Have you tried to update burner firmware? This can improve burning quality most of times :slight_smile:

How do I go about updating my filmware? I have an HP computer, and I have HP DVDs, as well as Memorex ones. I have also reduced my burning speed down to 4X for most DVDs I copy.

Memorex discs are low quality media. Burning a 16x certified disc @4x usually is not a good idea. Better results on 16x usually can be obtained burning @12x, but if you use a very good quality disc, you can burn it with excellent results also @18x or 20x :slight_smile:

I suggest to buy better discs, like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden

How would you rate HP Discs? I have 16x ones. I will try 12x speed on them.

HP discs are not the very best, like Memorex ones :frowning: