Issue with .avi files

Can anyone tell me how to burn my .avi files using DVD Fab Platinum? Im not really good at these kind of things and I was told that I could do it. When I go to select the file to burn, it is only looking for .iso or .imi files. Is there a way to have DVDFab recognize other files?

Please help!!! :a

DVDFab Platinum will create AVI files from DVD discs or folders (click on “Generic” in DVD to Mobile) but will not read them. Not sure if I’m clear on what you are trying to do.

/EDIT/ If you want to burn AVIs to a DVD for storage, just use Nero or one of the other burning utilities that come with most drives or PCs. If you want to convert AVIs to DVD format, use ConvertXtoDVD (VSO Software, not free) or some other converter and burn to DVD. If your player supports DivX/Xvid you may not need to convert the files at all; check the player specs if this is what you are after.