Issue while Capturing w/Nerovision express 3

so im using an ATI TV wonder card and im capturing in 4:3 352x240 res. with nerovision express 3. My problem is that after i capture approx 700mb into a mpeg file i start dropping frames… so i pause the camcorder and nerovision and then resume and it starts a new file…so i have a workaround, but can someone explain why this is happening at all? my PC is a 2.0Ghz P4 with 1.5gig of RAM. 40Gig WD HD.


If you read the documentation for any capture device, they all recommend capturing to a second hd which has not software loaded on it. With the large size of video files, you should have a minimum of an 80 gig hd, and I would highly recommend at least a 120gb hd. And you must keep your hd defragged. The second thing that can cause dropped frames, is having av software running while capturing. Try booting up to safe mode, or shut down any and all unnecessary software before trying to capture. Even an external firewire drive will work fine as a secondary drive.

I had the same issue. I have a P4 pc with an ATI all in Wonder X600 video card.

I tried everything on the net:

  1. Defrag hard drive
  2. Try external hd
  3. Turn off virus software
  4. Close running programs and disconnect from the internet.

None of these fixes worked!

The solution was to use another software program to capture the video. My ATI All in Wonder video card came with Pinicale Studio 9 software. I used this to recapture my video and I no longer had any dropped frames.

After I captured my video I used nero Vision express to create a dvd and I no longer had DVD audio sync issues.

I am still waiting back from Nero support to see how they plan to fix the issue with their image capture software.



Almost anything other than Nero would be better. I use a program called Scenalyzer that works terrific and does allow you to pause.