Issue w/ SOHW-1633s

i have a SOHW-1633s drive and for a while now it has not been able to read CDs. this isn’t a media issue as it’s not just blank media it can’t read, i can’t even get it to read original discs either. i am still able to read and write DVDs with the drive and i have tried flashing multiple firmwares to the drive to correct it but none have helped. has any1 else had issues like this or know anyway to get the drive to work w/ CDs again?

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Usually these problems are due to a broken laser. DVD burners have two lasers: one for CD and another for DVD. If one of these lasers is damaged, then CD or DVD don’t work (in your case CD).

In my opinion you should RMA this drive (i.e. get a substitution if it’s in warranty)

thanks for the quick reply. i think it’s out of warranty though, probably better off getting a new drive

You’re welcome. Too bad your first answer was a unpleasant one :frowning:

Before you dump it, try to boot from cd and try your drive in a different PC.

ok, i’ll try a bit later when i have more time and i’ll let you know what happens.