Issue updating firmware on 1650


I just received my 1650 and would like to update the firmware. It says the current firmware is “TAKE”. I’ve rebooted and it still says TAKE. I used the firmware tool from their site to verify. When I downloaded BCDC and ran it - it let me select the 1650 but when I click on upgrade, it says “the drive is not allowed to be updated”

Any guesses?


If I saw a screen shot maybe I could help you. But “TAKE” is something I have ever come across.

My bad - I’m being an idiot - I ordered a 1650v - didn’t realize the difference - it is just a DVD reader.

In their infinite wisdom BenQ have released three different drives with the 1650 number. One drive is the BenQ DW1650 DVD-RW burner, the other two drives are the BenQ 1650T and BenQ 1650V DVD-ROM drives.

The drive you have with TAKE firmware is the BenQ 1650V DVD-ROM.

The BCDC firmware however is for the BenQ DW1650 DVD-RW drive.

I see you discovered this on your own.

Oh my God! :rolleyes:

You’re lucky you didnt fudge the new drive trying to flash with 1650 BCDC firmware!!