Issue Burning Nanny McPhee and Zorro

Hi all…Im new(obviously lol) and I have a question…I have AnyDVD and Clone DVD2(both are updated to the newest updates) and I am having problems burning both Nanny McPhee and Zorro(the newest one) I am getting the commentary instead of the words to the movie and it doesnt matter if I uncheck all but the main movie or if I just hit next next next go…I am getting frustrated because I can burn just about ANY of the DVDs but now this is happening…I have a Dell computer with the drive that came with it as the burner…parden me if I am seeming a bit ditzy but am still new to this(been copying a couple months now and usually I dont have glitches)


Try DVD Decrypter. No I am not reccomending ImgBurn cause they really haven’t made a major update from the last version of DVD Decrypter.

I think you have the wrong boxes checked in clonedvd2. Try the middle(whole movie with everything) on clonedvd2 and check everything and see- I am sure it will work okay. Added make sure audio and video are checked on both sides.

I reburned it using the DVD Decrypter and am gonna check it tomorrow…I have my fingers crossed but am too pooped ta get my lazy butt over to mess with the DVD player tonight(want to make sure it works in the MAIN one)

@scott…I tried EVERYTHING(including checking the boxes to make sure I didnt accidently check/uncheck anything…)everything was as it was supposed to be so I dont know WHAT is goin on…maybe its just a few certain movies that are going to have issues…this is the second time I have run across this(or third maybe) and I have burned hundreds of movies(both new and older)
of course…I AM blonde(as I said before) and may have mucked somethin up on my own lol
Thanks for your help, guys!!

I doubt that being blonde is really the problem.

It does seem that you might have check the wrong box but if what you’ve tried above still doesn’t work then perhaps DVD Shrink, instead of CloneDVD, might do a different job on it. Typically I just take the AC3 5.1 option if it’s there.

As far as burning is concerned, what you burn with makes very little difference to anything. People just have their preferences.
Personally I burn with Nero or ImgBurn or anything else that takes my fancy. The quality comes out just the same and certainly doesn’t affect the content of the movie.

Find the audio button on your remote control and scroll through the audio choices until you come to the one that gives you the movie audio.