ISRC extraction from Audio CDs

Which present drives are supporting this feature (preferable supported by EAC)?

Atm I am able to read these data only with real Plextor drives. All other drives I tested till now failed to do that job.

All of my OLDER cd burners have no issues with this. I am talking 10+ year old Liteys & Plex’s or there crossflashed equals.

But any newer drives with this feature?
I was testing Plextor (Lite-On) (BD-Reader) and Asus (Pioneer) (BD-Writer) - both didn’t support this feature.

I can test next week some more Plextor (890 / 950) - but I am afraid that I won’t have success.

Who or what says they don’t support it?

Maybe the discs you’ve tried them on just don’t contain ISRC info?

I tested with the same Audio CD. The disc contains ISRC data.
EAC can retrieve these info from a Plextor PX-716, but not from a PX-B310U and an Asus BW-12D1S-U.
So I concluded that newer drives cannot retrieve these data anymore (or EAC cannot retrieve them - what is also possible)

EAC & CUERipper can extract ISRC from PX-LB950 and PX-L890.
So the PX-B310U and the Asus BW-12D1S-U don’t support it or EAC is not able to extract the data. I will check later with CUERipper.

Try ImgBurn too please if you don’t mind, I’m curious now!

Just start it up in Read mode and click the ‘View Media Information…’ button that’s in the ‘Source’ box.

How do you extract ISRC data with ImgBurn?
I never used it with Audio CDs before. Can I create a cue-sheet?

Found now out where to retrieve the data.

ImgBurn supports the 890 and the 950.
I will update this evening with the other 2 drives.

Here is the update - I verified all again:
Plextor PX-716SA, Plextor PX-B310U, Asus BW-12S1-U

ImgBurn retrieves the ISRC from all drives
CUETools cannot read the ISRC from the PX-716SA
EAC cannot read ISRC data from the PX-B310U and is mixing INDEX times up (with that drive).

EAC is also messing up with these INDEXes with the Plextor PX-LB950.
So I guess that EAC and a Plextor BluRay drive is a bad combo for audio ripping.
Is this valid for other Liteon drives too?

I cannot verify anymore that EAC couldn’t read ISRC from the ASUS. But I was pretty sure that EAC had problems. But perhaps it was only a CD with no data and when I checked a second time I tested only the B310U.

Is there a reason why some data which ImgBurn is showing us (like the ISRC data) are not for copying?

I tried a few few discs on my LG and ad LUK said some disc didn’t contain any info on ISRC.

Is there a reason why some data which ImgBurn is showing us (like the ISRC data) are not for copying?

If I understand the question correctly, there’s nothing special about ISRC stuff that means it shouldn’t be copied or whatever. There’s one easy command used to retrieve it for a given track - but if the drive doesn’t report it via that (and it’s a little unreliable anyway), you have to do it yourself by scanning the subchannel info. ImgBurn does that, maybe the other tools don’t?

I meant that there is no button in ImgBurn which let me copy the information you show to an editor (plain or formated text)

Oh I see!

Ah well, I guess I just never felt the need to add such a thing. A screenshot works fine.

You mean 2 or 3 if you have a long CD with many titles :wink:
I don’t need it yet - as long I get a working cuesheet - but if Cuesheets are different (from drive to drive or ripper to ripper) then it could help to understand what is going wrong and who is wrong.

It’s very rare for me to ask to see the media information screen. It’s more for the end user than me.

I didn’t actually need to see yours, I just wanted you to look at it and see if the ISRC info was mentioned. Thanks for posting it though. :slight_smile:

I’m sure the CUE files will differ a bit. Getting index 0 locations/sizes etc isn’t an exact science. You’re at the mercy of what the drive reports for subchannel info and sometimes they just return complete nonsense.