ISRC codes and DRU 510A



Hello everybody,

I’m a newbee to this forum and hope I’m posting in the correct section!

I’ve owned a Sony DRU 510A for a few years now and have had no problems. I am using Sony’s CD Architect (music mastering software) to burn a CD with ISRC subcodes. The problem is that the codes are not being written to the disc. I’ve been in touch with Sony who have convinced me that it is not a bug in the software but that it’s likely that the 510A does not support the writing of ISRC. I’ve done some research on the net and can only find info on the 510 not 510A (is it the same writer?). The 510 does,according to my research, support the writing of ISRC.

Sony suggest I try updating the firmware for the 510A. However, having downloaded this it keeps asking me to restart my pc and therefore the firmware update never has the chance to be installed (keeps cycling round!)…arghhhhh!

Any advice/help would be warmly appreciated



Same writer anyway.

Buy an cheap cd-rw because any of them supports burning ISRC codes…