Israeli security researchers use method to spy on you using earbuds

We’ve just posted the following news: Israeli security researchers use method to spy on you using earbuds[newsimage][/newsimage]

Israeli security researchers have developed a method that allows them record sound without a webcam or microphones attached to the computer. They’ve created malware that is able to record sound through headphones connected to the computer.

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Universal I/O audio sockets are a great idea - no more fumbling around, let the sound card automatically detect if its an input or output. But any convenience is also future security vulnerability.

The principles of what they’re doing is very straightforward. Would be very surprised if it hasn’t been in widespread use for some time by those who hide behind acronyms. Should be possible with most modern audio processors, not just Realtek. Only those with truly hardwired inputs & outputs would be immune.

Universal I/O ports just seems like a lazy way of doing things that can seriously limit what you can with your sound card. Â [i.e. having to switch the line in for rear out or mic for a center/LFE. Â It also adds to the complexity of the device.

It was and always will be in my honest opinion a very bad idea. Â Nothing convenient about it all to me.