ISPs told they need to police the Internet



ISPs told they need to police the Internet.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After a major conference in Paris ended this week, an official document discussing the principals of Internet policy making was released.  Among the most notable things in that document was the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should be responsible for policing the internet.  The idea is that ISPs would act on "voluntary agreements" between content owners and themselves.  

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What gets me is governments always want “voluntary”(free) work done by an ISP.
I bet the MPAA doesn’t want an ISP to directly bill them for each time one of the codes is enforced for the benefit of the MPAA.
The services the MPAA does aren’t voluntary(free) to the performers it represents.
Why should ISPs do this for free or pass the costs to their customers. Bill the ones that are benefiting & that doesn’t mean the government . The government doesn’t really have its own money .What the government spends is taxpayer money & as one of those why should I pay the bill ?


OF COURSE they want the ISP’s to do it because then it takes the burden and spotlight off their backhanded and illegal tactics not to mention the wonderful success rate they’ve had to date! People are realizing what the MPAA and RIAA are doing is wrong and in most cases just as ILLEGAL as the file sharer’s that they are going after… People aren’t just rolling over and playing dead and handing over their hard-earned savings for the RIDICULOUS fines they are trying to impose! If I can LEGALLY download a song for .99 cents then you can not fine me more than that!

LISTEN UP MPAA & RIAA… You need to embrace the internet and file sharing as a means of distribution or do us all a favor, and QUIETLY go the way of the dinosaurs.


Nevertheless, if my experience is imgpinged upon I may choose to take my money elsewhere… one can get harrassed on the street for free… to pay money to an ISP for that?!?