ISPs take stand against RIAA



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The Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) is undergoing a transition away from suing individual file sharers and will instead request the help of ISPs in its latest fight against piracy.

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Why do the artists no prmoting through the internet… If it’s good it will sell. So the bis compagnies won’t ever have anything to say about it, and have no rights about it.How manny % goe’s realy to the artists 2%??? of the total revenue of the musiccompagnies to the total of all the artists. how much have they the??? I think 0,00000002´% per artist should be right I think.


What a waste of time, money, and resources. The RIAA should burn in hell.


Umm thats one ISP, not ISPs. And its a small one, the small isps will definately benefit if the bigger onces volutarily start screening file transfers. The bigger ISPs are using this as a form to cut down on consumption, the smaller ISP’s don’t really have to worry about that as much.