ISPs say BBC iPlayer may halt the Internet

I just posted the article ISPs say BBC iPlayer may halt the Internet.

Since the time BBC launched its iPlayer service in the UK at Christmas, it has rapidly become such a hit that Internet Service Providers are now claiming that it is threatening to bring the…

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Boo hoo, the poor ISPs. For years they’ve been trying to sell us faster broadband on the premise that you can download music and software and watch streaming video. Now that someone has come along and actually provided one of these services, they whine about it. At the same time they limit, cap and restrict useage of their services to save them investing in their networks. The solution is simple. ISPs need to stop trying to out do each other with faster and cheaper packages. They need to start offering realistic and deliverable speeds priced at a level that allows them to deliver a good quality and sustainable service. Pretty soon we’re going to have 100mbps at 25p a month, but it won’t be worth a damn because you won’t be able to do anything with it.

well imagine if m$ gets their way with vod, what do you it’ll do to isp when go full blown to compete with hd?

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Hey, but I thought, reading some comments here, that HD downloads were the way to go! I’m shocked to hear that a single SD service risks bringing the Internet down!!! Can’t be, can it?