ISP's new five strikes plan makes proving your innocence difficult

ISP’s new five strikes plan makes proving your innocence difficult.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A recently formed plan to have ISPs police the internet by punishing copyright infringers is rapidly getting more and more interesting.  If a user is accused of infringement it appears they can appeal but their appeal must fit into one of six predefined categories or the service provider isn't even interested in hearing about it.

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I see Lawsuits in the millions!!!

Any way you lookat this it is a denial of due process . The ISP can not be put in place of the courts . At least not in the USA . They are not part of the judicial system here. Nor are they part of any law enforcement under direct control of a government authority. In other words they are not paid by the tax payers .
ISP’s are private business . This would be like Walmart deciding that a person had become too fat so they would only sell them certain foods. You know they could have a scale you steped on to make your purchases & a height laser . If you were over the limit then the scanner wouldn’t allow certain purchases . Of course there would be a waiver form a person would sign because there are other people in their family . But if they gained any weight after the signing the form they would be denied access to food purchases at Walmart.
The point is we don’t want Walmart being the food police or the ISP’s being the copyright police.
We are already paying taxes to real government law enforcement for copyright infringement violation prosecution. We don’t want our internet rates to increase to cover the ISP’s aditional costs for doing this “police” work. When we are already paying taxes to government employees to do this.

I don’t see this getting past the first court case. ISPs aren’t intended to be the judge, jury and executioner. It seems like they are assuming the same mindset as the Internal Revenue Service. That is you are guilty until you prove you are innocent.

[QUOTE=UTR;2596680]ISPs aren’t intended to be the judge, jury and executioner.[/QUOTE]
I agree :iagree: I think they are just trying to curb customers from using their service for illegal activities to show they don’t condone such activities, I also think after 5 warnings they’ll give all info of the illegal activities to MPAA or other such organizations and let them do the dirty work.

That is you are guilty until you prove you are innocent.

I believe that is now normal in this day and age.

Just my .02¢