ISPs are frustrated and buckle under pressure to uphold law

I just posted the article ISPs are frustrated and buckle under pressure to uphold law.

ISPs are under huge pressure from movie studios to take down copyright infringing material, and as the pressure grows the ISPs request immunity from prosecution in case they are found indirectly…

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yay! give them immunity from prosecution, that way they can just ignore MPAA and their ilk :g

They already have immunity. According the Safe Harbor section of the DMCA ISP are’s already immune. Your also immune if you have illegal stuff in your Internet Cache.

Actually, The ISP’s should get together, and fight the MPAA and RIAA. If the courts said that the ISP was responsible for illegal material then all the ISP’s should completely shut down the next day. Because that’s the only way you can stop all the illegal material. Then the courts would realize how fucking stupid they are and tell the RIAA, and MPAA to shut the fuck up with their baby talk.

good one, chsbiking. LOL!:4

I hate the MPAA and RIAA!!! chsbiking is right. All ISPs should get together to fight the MPAA and RIAA. Hopefully by doing that, file sharers will win the war.

that will never happen, but its nice to dream.

phone companies arn’t held liable for crimes people commit over the phone lines when they are talking, so why should isp’s

Two reasons. One because the ISP’s are fucking pussies, and the phone companies aren’t. Second the most phone crimes include stuff like credit card fraud, and the banks aren’t stupid babies complaning to the Government everytime they lose a penny. In fact, the credit card companies have actually found a way to make money off credit card fraud by charging the victim $50 bucks and charging the cost of the purchase back to the merchant. You’d think the RIAA and the MPAA would take a page out of their book.