ISP in Israel restricts file sharing bandwidth

I just posted the article ISP in Israel restricts file sharing bandwidth.

Eran used our newssubmit to tell us that one of the larger broadband ISPs in Israel (012), appears to have found the solution for RIAA’s problem by - without informing their subscribers - limting…

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Then people will use different (random) ports. :wink:

Did anyone think of using port 80 (http) and/or 21 (ftp) for filesharing? If the HTTP & FTP ports are blocked, it’s like pulling the plug on the Internet connection as all Web browsers use these two ports for downloading webpages and files. So obviously no ISP would go about blocking these two ports. :wink:

they’ll just cap the entire speed then :wink: but for now other ports will do =)

Bearing in mind governments throught the world are pushing broadband right now, I don’t think they’ll cap any other ports. :wink:

This also happened here in Madrid (Spain)- one of the main cable ISPs in the city (Madritel) limited the download width to 0.5-1kb/s for the ports that some p2p program used (winmx, edonkey, kazaa, morpheus…). Everyone changed them and it went back to usual (ie. still sux) :slight_smile: They publicly admited that the limit existed just for 1 week, it actually happened during a couple of months. :frowning:

As I understood it BT have been doing this for a while now on their ADSL service in the UK. Although I don’t think its for legal reasons as it seems their crusty network infrastructure just can’t take it. Thank god for cable!

Can someone please explain how someone like myself could go out; get a cable modem, subscribe to a cable ISP and be under the notion that I will be getting faster uploads and downloads than my current 56k. Then that ISP turns around and limits that? Im sorry but these fucking corporate heads are smoking some serious crack! Im not paying $50 a month for 56k access when I have that now and pay $8 a month unlimited access… These fuckos better get their shit together…

Why doesn’t p2p just use multiport configurations. Randomly select 1 or more from a pool of random port numbers. :slight_smile:

In response to SeanByrne’s idea on ports 21 and 80… will be using port 21, also means most uni/work-firewalled users get 2 connect as well. :wink: